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Dental Bridge Specialist

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Missing teeth can affect your appearance and your ability to eat, but a dental bridge can replace a missing tooth. A bridge also restores the look and functionality of your mouth. At Alpine Dental in Monroe, Washington, the expert dental team offers porcelain bridges to give you the natural look and feel of a real tooth. Book your evaluation online today and discover how a bridge can improve your smile.

Dental Bridge Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge a device that contains one or more replacement teeth. The bridge connects with your natural teeth on both sides, closing the gap left by the missing tooth. The bridge holds other teeth in place, improving your ability to speak and eat.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is effective at preserving your natural teeth, as missing teeth can lead to misalignment. Teeth tend to move toward the empty space, causing your bite to become irregular. Missing teeth may also cause more stress on your teeth and the joints of your jaw, leading to persistent discomfort and pain.

Bones in the area of the missing tooth can shrink over time. Your jawbone may support your facial structure differently because of the shrinking bone, giving your face an older appearance.

How are dental bridges placed?

A dental bridge may take more than one visit. The initial procedure prepares the natural teeth, so the temporary bridge fits comfortably between each tooth. Your dentist makes an impression of the area so it can be crafted into the permanent restoration.

A temporary bridge resembles your natural teeth and remains in place until the permanent bridge is ready. During your next visit to the office, the dentist replaces the temporary bridge with the permanent bridge, restoring your smile.

Every effort will be made to ensure the bridge fits comfortably and naturally so you can return to eating and speaking normally.

Who benefits from a dental bridge?

The dentist may recommend a dental bridge for anyone with 1-3 consecutive missing teeth. Those missing more than three teeth may do better with a partial denture. As long as surrounding teeth are structurally sound and able to support a bridge, this treatment may be the best option for replacing teeth.

If you’re missing teeth, book an appointment online with Alpine Dental now to learn more about dental bridges.