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Dental Emergencies Specialist

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When you’re having a dental emergency, you need a dentist you can trust in times of crisis. Alpine Dental in Monroe, Washington, uses up-to-date technology to restore your smile in the event of a sudden problem. If you find yourself with a dental emergency, call the office right away or use the online booking feature to check for available appointments.

Dental Emergencies Q & A

What symptoms indicate I may have a dental emergency?

For many dental issues, such as if your temporary crown comes off, jagged edges on a tooth are causing discomfort, or your filling comes out, while you should still schedule a visit to Alpine Dental, an emergency visit isn’t necessary.

However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, consider seeking emergency treatment from Alpine Dental without delay:

  • Bleeding in your mouth
  • Severe pain
  • Loosened teeth
  • Swelling, bulges, or irritations on gums

Getting hit in the face or mouth or a sudden impact is frequently the reason you may experience these symptoms.

What dental emergencies are treated?

Call Alpine Dental for emergency treatment from an experienced and trusted dentist. Getting treatment as soon as possible lowers your risk of permanent tooth loss and alleviates the pain associated with an injury or trauma.  

Common dental emergencies treated by Alpine Dental include:


If you have a dull or throbbing ache in your mouth causing pain or discomfort, contact Alpine Dental as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing intense, shooting pain, visit the nearest hospital with an emergency room.

Broken/chipped tooth

If you’re hit in the face or land abruptly, a piece of your tooth can chip off or break. A cold compress slows swelling and reduces pain in the area until you can visit Alpine Dental. 

Knocked out tooth

If your tooth is completely dislodged, put it back in the socket if possible and bite down on a wet tea bag or gauze. If the tooth does not go back in the socket, place it in a container with milk or your saliva until you visit Alpine Dental. 

Loose tooth

If your tooth gets loosened due to an injury, emergency treatment from Alpine Dental can help to avoid infection.

Severe infection

If an infection does occur, you’ll experience pain and swelling. Alpine Dental can assess your infection and determine the best course of treatment.


In some cases, an abscess in a tooth or your gums occurs. An abscess is caused by an infection invading the dental pulp of a tooth.

Cut gums, lips, or cheeks

If you have a cut on the inside of your mouth, including your cheeks, lips, and gums, as the result of a traumatized tooth, rinse the area with water and keep it clean to avoid infection.

Foreign objects

When a foreign object becomes lodged between or in your teeth and you can’t remove it using floss, make an appointment with Alpine Dental for safe removal.

How can I prevent dental emergencies?

There are preventive steps you can take to protect your oral health. Use a mouth guard when participating in sports or when a chance of injury to your mouth or face is possible. Avoid chewing on hard foods such as ice or hard candies, and be aware that seeds or pits in certain fruits can chip, crack, or break a tooth.

Also, regular checkups with Alpine Dental ensure you have healthy mouth and teeth for the long term.

Schedule an appointment today for prompt and effective emergency dental treatment by calling Alpine Dental or using the online booking option.