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Dentures Specialist

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to replace missing teeth, dentures may be the ideal option. At Alpine Dental in Monroe, Washington, the experienced dentists can perform a thorough evaluation of your teeth to determine if dentures are a good fit for you. Book your evaluation online today and start looking forward to regaining your brilliant smile.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth. The oral cavity’s surrounding soft and hard tissues support them, and you can easily remove them.

Today’s dentures are comfortable and look as natural as your own teeth. The two main types of dentures include full dentures and partial dentures.

Full dentures are necessary after your dentist removes all of your remaining natural teeth. Gum tissue must heal for several months before your dentist fits the dentures.

Partial dentures connect to a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. They serve as a removable alternative to a dental bridge.

How are dentures fitted?

Your dentist examines your mouth to determine if dentures are a good fit for you, and they also discuss your appearance goals with you.

For those planning to get a full denture set, you must have your remaining teeth extracted before the denture fitting. It can take several weeks for your mouth to heal after an extraction. For those without teeth, the dentist performs a gum inspection to make sure they’re healthy.

Your dentist uses dental putty to make a mold of your mouth. You bite down on the putty to make an impression, which the dental lab uses to create custom dentures.

You receive training on the proper care for your dentures, including cleaning and storage. Subsequent visits to Alpine Dental  to see if they’re a good fit.

Dentures may feel awkward at first. It’s also common for them to feel loose and bulky as your cheeks and tongue learn to adapt. You may produce excess saliva, and your gums may feel irritated or sore during the adaptation process.

You should report any pain or bleeding to your dentist immediately.

Who is a good candidate for dentures?

Dentures are an effective treatment for replacing multiple lost teeth. They’re an affordable alternative to dental implants. Candidates need to have a healthy jaw and gum tissue that’s free of disease to ensure the dentures fit correctly.

Patients missing only a few teeth may be better candidates for a dental bridge. Those who have extensive tooth loss, or who need to have their remaining natural teeth extracted due to damage and decay, may be viable candidates for dentures.

To schedule a denture exam and fitting, book an appointment online now.