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Emergency Dentist Specialist

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The key to ensuring health and safety during a dental emergency is to receive prompt care from an experienced dentist. But what happens when an emergency arises outside of regular business hours? At Alpine Dental in Monroe, Washington, emergency dental services are available to relieve your pain and reduce the risk of permanent tooth loss. For dental emergencies, call the office immediately to speak with the team.

Emergency Dentist Q & A

What should I do in a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Immediate treatment is essential for many tooth emergencies, especially broken teeth caused by injury or trauma.

Dental emergencies include any dental problem needing immediate care to save a tooth, stop excessive bleeding, or to lessen severe pain. Dental infections also require urgent medical care as they can become life-threatening if left untreated.

Common dental emergencies include:


You should report any discomfort or pain to your dentist as soon as possible. For more severe pain, such as with an abscessed tooth, seek medical treatment at the closest emergency room.

Damaged teeth

If you’re suffering from a cracked, broken, or chipped tooth, rinse the area with warm water then apply a cold compress on your face to prevent swelling. You need to see a dentist as soon as possible for tooth restoration to prevent pain and infection.

Loose tooth

If you’re dealing with a loose tooth or one that’s been knocked out during an injury or other trauma, you need to see your dentist immediately.

You should gently clean teeth that have been damaged then reinsert them into the gums. If you can’t reinsert them, keep the tooth in a cup of your saliva or under the tongue, being careful not to swallow it. Get to your dentist’s office immediately.

What can you do to prevent a dental emergency?

You can prevent dental emergencies with regular dental checkups to ensure your teeth are healthy and free of decay. Your dentist can identify weak areas of the teeth, which can lead to emergencies down the road. Routine visits also help ensure crowns and fillings are in good condition and your mouth is free of infection.

Avoid chewing hard foods, which can cause chipped or broken teeth. Wear a protective mouth guard during high-impact activities to prevent teeth from becoming loose or being knocked out.

If you’re unsure whether or not you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact Alpine Dental to discuss your situation. The office provides emergency dental services to ease pain and reduce your risk of tooth loss.