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Digital X-Rays Specialist

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X-rays are a vital part of dental care. They can diagnose hidden conditions with your mouth and teeth. If you’re uneasy during the traditional method of taking X-rays of your mouth, you’ll love the ease and convenience digital X-rays offer. Alpine Dental in Monroe, Washington, uses digital X-rays, a safe and highly-effective imaging technology, during exams. You’ll feel comfortable and benefit from the high-quality images the dentist uses for diagnosis. Book your appointment online for your next oral examination.

Digital X-Rays Q & A

What are digital X-rays?

Dental technology, including X-rays, continue to advance, offering more convenience and more reliable imaging results. Alpine Dental  uses digital X-rays to diagnose, monitor, and treat oral problems and disease.

The technology uses digital X-ray sensors in place of the traditional photographic film used in previous X-rays. The X-ray generates enhanced computer images, showing teeth, gums, and other structures of the mouth.

Why are digital X-rays used in dental exams?

Digital X-rays help your dentist identify problem areas in your teeth and gums. X-rays enable your dentist to:

  • Identify soft spots and cavities
  • Observe the condition of teeth roots
  • Monitor the health of the bone surrounding teeth
  • Check for periodontal disease
  • Examine developing teeth in children

Digital X-rays are a standard part of most examinations, especially before a dental procedure. Your dentist also performs a physical examination of your teeth and gums to identify issues not visible on X-ray images.

How do digital X-rays work?

Digital dental X-rays use low amounts of radiation to capture images of your teeth. They can obtain images from inside and outside the mouth.

The X-rays are captured in different ways:

  • Direct X-ray: uses an electronic sensor placed inside the mouth for image recording
  • Indirect X-ray: uses an X-ray film scanner to view traditional dental X-rays as digital images
  • Semi-indirect X-ray: uses a sensor in combination with a scanner to convert dental X-rays into digital film

Once the images are captured, the sensors send the images to a computer. The image immediately appears on the screen for review. There’s less wait time than with traditional X-rays, and digital images emit less radiation than old technology.

Images produced are higher-quality, allowing your dentist access to clearer, more detailed images. Your dentist can easily magnify digital images for a closer look at your teeth and gums. Even tiny cavities can be identified more effectively using digital X-ray technology.

You’ll enjoy a faster, more efficient dental visit and your dentist’s diagnosis will be more accurate. Contact Alpine Dental to learn more about digital dental X-rays, or book your next appointment online today.